Summer Camps 2021

Summer Camp Registration Now Open!

We have a big summer ahead of us! Come out to Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium for our nature-focused summer camps. Explore our 105-acre forest, meet our live animals, watch planetarium shows, and more! 

Summer Camp runs from 9:00am-3:30pm

Drop off is from 8:30-8:55am

Pick up is from 3:30-4:00pm

Early drop-off (8:00-8:30) and after care (4:00-6:00) are available

Our camps are tailored to different age ranges each week. Please look at each week on our schedule to see which will be suited for your camper(s). The grades listed are the ones your campers will be entering next fall.

Pricing: $175/week members or $200/week non-members

Early drop off: $25/week

The penalty for late pick-up is $5 for every 10 minutes after designated pick-up time and will be charged to your card on file at time of pick up.

If you are unable to attend your week of summer camp, please contact us as soon as possible so we can see about transferring your registration to a different week. 

If you must cancel your registration, please contact us as soon as possible.

Our refund policy is as follows:

More than 2 weeks prior to camp: 75% refund

14 days to 48 hours prior to camp: 50% refund
Less than 48 hours prior to camp: 25% refund

If you have any questions, have a problem during the registration process, or would like more information, please send an email here


Please fill out the application below to register your camper(s) online. Clicking the Submit button will automatically redirect you to the page where camp sessions can be purchased. To register additional campers, please return to this page and fill out the camper information form again. Your child will not be registered until both of these are completed!

The safety of our campers is our first priority here at CNCP, and so we have developed a plan for reducing risk of COVID-19 exposure during camp based on the Center for Disease Control recommendations for summer camps.

More information on their guidelines can be found on their website here.

  • Camp sessions limit has been expanded to fifteen (15) campers. If the camp session you would like is already full, please email here to get on the waiting list.

  • All campers must bring their own hand sanitizer and 2 clean (or new) masks each day of camp. We strongly encourage unvaccinated campers to use masks whenever inside or when social distancing cannot be maintained. For more information on appropriate masks, please see this page on the Center for Disease Control website.

  • We will be requiring parents to confirm that their camper has not been exposed to COVID-19 in writing each day of camp.

We have also modified certain procedures to reduce the sharing of items (such as craft supplies) between campers and reduce camper physical contact.

Our camp is designed to take place almost entirely outside, where campers will have lots of fresh air and space to spread out!

June 21-25          1st-3rd Grade

Plants and Animals - FULL

What is a plant? What is an animal? Learn all about the plants and animals that call Southwest Florida home. We'll learn about a different group of living things each day as we explore the swamp, meet the animals who live on property, decorate flowerpots, and more!

July 5-9               4th-9th Grade

DIY Skills

Patch your jeans, make some paper, build a compost bin, and more! We'll be breaking out the needles and thread, paint, hammers, and saws to learn new skills and build some things at camp this week!

July 19-23          1st-3rd Grade

Catching Critters - FULL

What sort of creatures live around us in Southwest Florida? Grab your nets and collecting jars and see! Learn how and why people have caught animals in the past and present, and what you can learn from a close-up study of living things.

August 2-6          3rd-9th Grade

Outdoor Survival - FULL

Do you know what to do if you're lost in the woods? Can you find shelter? Make a fire? Stay hydrated? Find your way through a swamp? Learn how to read a map, pack for a hiking trip and be prepared for adventuring in the outdoors!

June 28-July 2     3rd-6th Grade

Stars and Planets - FULL

What do we see when we look up at the night sky? In our full-dome planetarium, learn about star myths of the past and present and what outer space can tell us about life here on earth. Then head outside to watch the sun through a telescope and test your spacecraft designs!

July 12-16          3rd-5th Grade

Bird's the Word

What is a bird? Why do people like them so much? Learn all about bird adaptations like feathers, beaks, and hollow bones. Meet some of our raptors and learn how our animal team cares for them. Become a birder on our trails this week and start your own "life list" of birds!

July 26-30          3rd-6th Grade

Artists and Scientists

Break out your pencils, paints, and cameras! It's time to make some art using the natural world as our guide. We'll learn about famous artist-scientists of the past like John James Audubon and Maria Sibylla Merian and finish the week with an art show in our museum!

All School Year Long

1st-8th Grade

Need to get out of the house when there's no school? We have School's Out Camp here at CNCP almost every day that Lee County Schools are not in session. Come explore the woods and swamp, learn new skills, improve your scientific knowledge, and have fun all year round!

Camper Registration

Emergency Contact

Important Information

If your camper will be dropped off and/or picked up by anyone other than those listed above, please include their information below:

I have read the description of the camp experience offered at Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium and understand that drop-off time is 8:30 - 9:00 am, pickup time 4 pm unless the applicable day's Early Drop-Off and/or After-Care have been arranged ahead of time with the office. Pickups after the end of the day will be charged by the 10-min increment ($5 for every 10 minutes past the designated pick-up time). I also understand that activities will be involved in my child's camp program; I find them acceptable for my child’s participation. I understand that my child's camp attendance is reliant on their ability to follow the behavioral guidelines, and that they can be removed from the program for behavioral concerns at the discretion of staff. Recognizing the educational benefits of this program to my child, and acknowledging that it is completely voluntary, I, the parent/guardian, do hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium for any loss, injury or damage resulting directly or indirectly from my child's participation in this program. Pictures of the camp, not identifying my child, may be used online to illustrate camp activities and promote future camps. My acceptance and submission of this form constitutes my digital signature (paper waiver will be signed on the first day of camp).