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Corporate Sponsorships

Magnified Grass

Corporate Sponsorship Program

The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium is pleased to announce our new corporate sponsorship program. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we want to showcase your organization as a strong supporter of our mission and the environment. With your investment, we will be able to successfully run our nature center and planetarium, including taking care of our rescued animals, and educate future generations to take up the cause. 

As our supporter, you not only promote Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium and connecting with nature, but you strengthen your image and that of your business as a community partner. Your investment enhances your presence in Southwest Florida and spreads the word of your commitment to conservation, education, and our beautiful natural environment. 

We will thank you for your kindness by recognizing you or your company on our website, relevant publications, including emails and social media. Your Sponsorship will be seen by tens of thousands of people across Southwest Florida. 


In-Kind Sponsorship

In-Kind sponsorship consists of a donation of a product or service instead of a direct financial contribution. Products and services that would help us include: housing, furnishing, utilities, printing and copying services, groceries, and restaurant meal and event tickets (for mentor meetings and special peer events). The “market-value” of the contribution must meet or exceed the specified amount listed in the sponsorship levels described here in order to qualify for sponsorship status. There can also be a combination of monetary and in-kind contributions.

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