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Sensory Sundays

Our sensory-friendly planetarium shows are for guests with Autism spectrum disorder, sensory sensitivities, or young children. Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t have sensory needs.
First Sunday of Every Month at 10:30 am • $5 Per Person

Shows are limited to a maximum of 50 audience members. These shows will run with the lights up and dimmed, the sound down, and the theater doors open so people can move about as needed. Guests are welcome to “chill out” in our lobby. All shows include a live star talk about what is up in the sky that night. We will include a short break between the main show and star talk.

Download Your Calusa Nature Center Planetarium Sensory Sunday Children's Guide HERE

to help prepare your child for their Planetarium visit.

DINO (10 × 5 in).png

DinoSOARS! Change Over Time 

June 4th, 2023

Join us for a sensory-sensitive planetarium show featuring soft lighting and audio. Explore the mystery of the subtypes of dinosaurs that never "went extinct" -- they just adapted and took to the skies! Playful show which comes to us through the kindness of Milwaukee Public Museum's excellent planetarium show creators!

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