Planetarium Shows

June 2019

For summer, two shows daily (7days/wk):

12 noon: “Life: A Cosmic Story”  (25 min) [All ages]:  How did life on Earth begin? Narrated by Jodie Foster, we begin our journey by “shrinking” down to enter a single redwood leaf, and discover that all life on Earth shares a common ancestry. Then, we travel through time to witness key events since the Big Bang that set the stage for life. Along the way, viewers will see two scenarios for the dawn of life on early Earth, and will discover how our planet has changed since those microscopic beginnings.


2:30 pm: “Distant Worlds: Alien Life?” (2012, 40 min) [All ages > 5]:  The night sky is a view of infinity. Does alien life exist out there? Nothing we can ask about the universe is so important for our understanding of the world. In this show we examine the conditions required for a habitable zone, starting the journey in our own solar system. Then we imagine a tour to some of the recently discovered exoplanets orbiting other stars in the Milky Way. What might be essential for life on distant moons or planets and how could we detect it? We see scientists’ “best-guess” conceptions of what life on some of these other planets might look like, too!