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Planetarium Premieres

Join us for the premiere showing of our planetarium shows. These premieres will be the daily shows for the next month. Come get an early viewing of what is to come!


April 19th: BELLA GAIA: A Poetic Vision of Earth from Space

BELLA GAIA is an unprecedented NASA-powered immersive experience, inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life-changing power of seeing the Earth from space. Illuminating the BEAUTY of the planet both natural and cultural (BELLA) and the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of all things on Earth (GAIA), this experience blends music, technology, and NASA satellite imagery to turn the audience-inhabited space planetary.


The award winning BELLA GAIA tells a cosmic story, exploring both human and natural expressions of the Living Universe, illuminating the relationship between civilization and nature as we enter the Anthropogenic Age by visualizing our effects on the biosphere, while celebrating the evolution of art and culture. BELLA GAIA is a new story for our time, delivered in the language and technology of the future.

Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life-changing power of seeing the Earth from space, BELLA GAIA successfully simulates this Overview Effect from space flight, and makes audiences "Discover what it’s like to be an astronaut" (Washington Post). The moving experience leaves audiences with a transformative sense of wonder and inspiration seeing the Earth as a multifaceted yet cohesive working organism, and to realize deeply, emotionally, that there IS something to lose, and therefore there IS something to preserve, to steward. 

Planetarium Premiere (10 × 5 in).png
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