Adopt A Constellation

A beautiful tribute or a statement of celestial love: adopt the constellation or asterism (star pattern) of your choosing, for yourself or for another, from one month to ten years! Adoptions for a month will receive an electronic certificate suitable for printing, and will be displayed as that month’s adopters on our planetarium lobby video screen. Adoptions for a year or more will receive a handsome certificate suitable for framing by postal mail, and a framed matching certificate will be displayed in the planetarium (plus the video screen display).

This order will not be finalized until payment is received. Use this button to make payment (opens in new page), then fill out the form below:

Thank you for helping to support the mission of the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium: “Connecting People With Nature!”

Please be sure your transaction has completed before filling out this form. We're glad you have chosen the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium ("Connecting People With Nature") for your constellation adoption, and we hope you come in to visit, too!

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Ursa Minor (Little Dipper)Ursa Major (Big Dipper)Draco (the dragon)Cassiopeia (the queen)Cepheus (the king)Andromeda (the chained princess)Perseus (hero who rescues Andromeda)Bootes (the herdsman)Aquila (the eagle)Cygnus (the swan)Hercules (hero strong man)Corona Borealis (the northern crown)Delphinus (the dolphin)Lyra (Orpheus playing his lyre)Pegasus (the winged horse)Canis Major (the great dog)Cetus (the sea monster)Eridanus (the river)Orion (the hunter)Auriga (the charioteer)Capricorn (the water goat)Aquarius (the water bearer)Pisces (the fish)Aries (the ram)Taurus (the bull)Gemini (the twins)Cancer (the crab)Leo (the lion)Virgo (the maiden)Libra (the scales)Scorpio (the scorpion)Ophiuchus (the serpent-bearer, doctor)Sagittarius (the archer)Crux (Southern Cross)Centaurus (the centaur)Other (Specify under Additional Instructions. Some constellations do not reproduce well.)

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Do you have any additional instructions for the dedication of this constellation? If so, please write them here. You may also include a contact phone number if you prefer to be notified by phone. Note that only limited text can go onto the certificate, so please keep certificate text concise.

If you are adopting for 12 months or more, you are entitled to a hardcopy certificate of adoption for the constellation you have chosen. Please give us your mailing address so that we can send it to you. Please do include apartment or suite number, and zip code: