The Museum Hall and the Interpretive Stories in the Hall

Natural History Living Exhibits

The main area of the Museum is dedicated to sharing the story of how the Caloosahatchee River impacts Southwest Florida and its importance as major ecosystem. The exhibits and displays in the North area of the museum present the flora and fauna found from Lake Okeechobee, down the Caloosahatchee River, and into the Gulf of Mexico.

The South Museum exhibits depict the freshwater Cypress Dome Community from our Cypress Boardwalk Trail. One of the main focal points is the large diorama of an American Alligator and Diamondback Rattlesnake engaged in a daring fight. Visit our live baby alligators, turtles, screech owl, and more!

You’ll learn a lot about the Southwest Florida ecosystems in our museum. Discover which species are native, exotic, and invasive. Our daily animal presentation at 1:15pm will give you an even more deep understanding of some of our region’s inhabitants.

Reptile Room

Our reptile room hosts a wide selection of species both native and exotic that are commonly found in Southwest Florida. Learn to distinguish between venomous and non-venomous snakes by seeing living examples of each.

Bug Room

Our insect-themed kids room is full of activities such as puzzles, books, and educational displays!

Tom Allen Room

The Tom Allen meeting room serves as a display room for some of our beautiful artifacts. View ancient fossils, beautiful shell specimens, butterfly displays and much more!

Pre-historic Creatures and Calusa Indian Display

Pay homage to a time long gone by. Learn about the giant ground sloth and other pre-historic wonders found in our area. View fossils of these amazing creatures and imagine what the world was like thousands of years ago.

Our Calusa Indian display honors those who lived on our land before any of us were here. It includes replicas of a dugout canoe, ceremonial masks and the Key Marco Cat!