Homeschool Thursdays

Join us for our Winter/Spring Semesters of Homeschool-ology classes! Each month will focus on a different “ology” study topic like Zoology, Entomology, Ornithology, and more! Classes will be built upon each other; however, students may also pick and choose classes from the series.

Each class will include a classroom lesson, outside exploration, and a variety of hands-on activities or experiments and some classes may even include a live animal encounter.

Ages 5-8 from 10am-12pm

(Drop off from 9:50am-10:00am and pick up is from 12:00-12:10pm)

Ages 9-12 from 1pm-3pm

(Drop off from 12:50-1:00pm and pick up is from 3:00-3:10pm)











JANUARY 20th - Survival Strategies: Animals have unique and amazing adaptations to help them survive and thrive.  Come explore the habits, patterns, and methods that animals have to help them stay alive. In this class, we will explore and learn about migration, hibernation, camouflage, mimicry, hunting, and more!  


FEBRUARY 3rd - Intro to Insects & Their Adaptations: Insects make up the largest group of Earth’s animals and can be found living on every continent and in every land habitat! Come learn about the dance bees have, why crickets chirp, and how an ant can lift 20x its weight. During this class we will visit our Butterfly house, catch & observe live insects, & meet some education ambassador insects up close!  

FEBRUARY 17th - Precious Pollinators - Bees & Butterflies: What is pollination and what do bees and butterflies have to do with it? Did you know that without bees & butterflies we might not have flowers, fruits, & even vegetables? Come learn about why these insect species are so important to our pollinating plants and how we can protect them. During this class we will learn about pollination through hands-on activities, visit our butterfly house, and plant a pollinator mini garden.  


MARCH 3rd - Intro to Basic Bird Biology: Did you know most birds have hollow bones? Or that they are the only animals with feathers? Come learn all about the characteristics and biology of birds as we explore bird adaptations through a game of Bird Olympics, study feather function & form, explore how different bird beaks & feet work and try out some bird watching on our trail.  

MARCH 17th - Raptors - Bald Eagles, Hawks, & Owls Oh My! : How are raptors different from other birds? Do you know how many raptor species we have in FL? In this class we will learn all about the adaptations that raptors have making them stealthy hunters, fast fliers, skilled soarers, & incredibly intelligent birds.  


APRIL 7th - Land Mammals of Florida: How fast can a panther run? How much food does a black bear eat in a day? Why do coyotes howl? Come discover how our local Florida mammals survive, adapt, and live in a rapidly changing wild world. In this class we will study animal tracks & scat, explore mammal adaptations, and meet a mammal ambassador up close!  

APRIL 21st - Marine Mammals: How long can a manatee hold its breath? How many groups of marine mammals are there? Are polar bears considered to be marine mammals? In this class we will study the different groups of marine mammals and their characteristics, learn how they communicate and live underwater, and understand how our actions on land can either harm or help marine mammal species.  


MAY 5th - Remarkable Reptiles: What is an invasive species and how many invasive reptiles can be found living in Florida? How many teeth does an alligator go through in a lifetime? Can a crocodile really go 6 months without eating? In this class we will learn about invasive reptiles and how they affect our natural ecosystems, study alligators up close & meet some live reptile ambassadors!

MAY 19th - Amazing Amphibians: Have you ever heard of a caecilian? Did you know that a salamander can regrow a lost limb or tail? Do you know how many frog species can be found in Florida? In this class we will learn about the different types of amphibians that call Florida home, make frog calls and study frog communication, and meet some live amphibian ambassadors!    

June - July: Summer Break!

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Sessions may fill up before we have a chance to note they are full on our website! If you are unable to view or book a session on the ticket purchase page, then please contact our Education Coordinator, Carrie by emailing her here to be put on a waitlist.

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Homeschool Thursdays 

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