What we're doing to reduce the risk of COVID19 at CNCP:


1) Staff, volunteers and visitors: We recommend wearing face coverings and maintain social distancing (6') while in a building like the museum or planetarium.

2) High touchpoint surfaces like door handles and the admission desk area are disinfected regularly.


3) The Planetarium enforces spacing of guest seating, ventilates with fans after shows and wipes down the arms of the seats before shows. 

4) Visitors are encouraged to download the trail maps and guides from our Trails page prior to arrival or take a photo of our posted copies when here. 

5) Visitors are encouraged to bring exact change or will be asked to swipe their own credit card for admission.


We need your help!

During normal times, our operating expenses average $1,000 a day.


During the COVID-19 shutdown, we still had 25+ animals to care for and bills to pay. Since almost all of our funding comes from admission fees and fundraisers, we were without any steady income.

Any and all donations are appreciated. Please visit our GoFundMe campaign or PayPal page to contribute. You can even shop to support us! And visit our Facebook page for regular updates and educational programming related to our mission of

"Inspiring People to Connect with Nature"