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Calusa Camp

We host Calusa camp on almost every day that Lee County schools are not in session. Your child can spend their days off exploring our 105-acre property and learning all about Southwest Florida's unique ecology. 

Calusa Camp dropoff (without Early Dropoff purchase) opens at 08:30 and camp begins at 9 am and ends at 4:00 pm.  Please be prompt; penalties for late pickup accrue in 10-min increments (and “late” after 6 that gets to 5-min increments). If you have an early drop-off or late pick-up requirement, please call our office immediately to discuss this, and make sure you pay for and list those extras using the payment buttons and registration form.

Pricing: $35/day members or $45/day non-members

Early drop-off 08:00 on: $5/day

Late pickup/After-care 4 – 6 pm: $10/day (movies, activities and crafts that are themed as with camp and designed for smaller groups)

Calusa camp is for campers from 6 to 14 years of age. All six-year-olds must have completed kindergarten upon starting camp.


Please fill out the application below if you wish to register your camper(s) online. Clicking this button will automatically re-direct you to the page where camp sessions can be purchased. Your child will not be registered until both of these are completed!

Camper Registration

Emergency Contact

Medical Information

If your camper will be dropped off and/or picked up by anyone other than those listed above, please include their information below:

I have read the description of the camp experience offered at Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium and understand that drop-off time is 8:30 - 9:00 am, pickup time 4 pm unless the applicable day's Early Drop-Off and/or After-Care have been arranged ahead of time with the office. Pickups after the end of the day will be charged by the 5-min increment. I also understand that activities will be involved in my child's camp program; I find them acceptable for my child’s participation. Recognizing the educational benefits of this program to my child, and acknowledging that it is completely voluntary, I, the parent/guardian, do hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium for any loss, injury or damage resulting directly or indirectly from my child's participation in this program. Pictures of the camp, not identifying my child, may be used online to illustrate camp activities and promote future camps. My acceptance and submission of this form constitutes my digital signature (paper waiver will be signed on the first day of camp).