Bird Aviary

Our brand new aviary for injured birds of prey had its grand opening in January 2019. This state of the art building is home to our raptors: a Bald Eagle named Erica, a Great Horned Owl named Gandalf, a Red Shouldered Hawk named Stargazer, a Broad Winged Hawk named Peep peep, turkey vultures, and black vultures.

Thank you to our community who made the construction of this new state of the art aviary possible! Especially:

Edward and Gale McBride Foundation, Inc

Parker, Mudgett, Smith – Jeff Mudgett, Principal Architect

Marvin Homes & Builders – Richard Durling, President

Schneider Construction – Tobey Schneider, President

Southern Machine & Steel – Michael Blackwell, President

TKW Engineering – Trudi Williams, President & James Lange Structural Engineer

Shoreline Lumber – Ronald Paulik, President

Florida Woodcrafters – Tom & Al Crosby, Ed & Brad Hendrix, Bob Downing & Tobey Schneider

Audubon Society of Southwest Florida

Johnson Engineering

All Star Rentals & Sales

Casey Construction – Paul Casey

Ft. Myers Rentals & Construction Equipment

Rex Construction

Cold Blooded Industries – Jeremy & Jamie Hargett

Clarey Construcion – Jeff Clarey, President

Jerry & Nina Compton

Carl & Amber Fricke

Dr. Bill & Rosemarie Hammond & Family – Bill Jr., Bill III, Barbara, Carolyn, Susan & Ethan Williams- 3 generations)

Fred & Georgi Moon

Ensign & Lana Cowell

John Cassani & Holly Schwartz

Bruce Hammond

Britta & Lars Soderqvist

Frank & Marilyn Mann

James Reynolds