Monthly Schedule

Come discover our fossil collection and learn about the paleontological wonders of Southwest Florida!  There is never a charge for parking, and our low admission price includes a daily animal demonstration and three planetarium shows as well as the museum, trails, butterfly pavilion, aviary and animal enclosures.


March Events Calendar at Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium

Daily Events
  • 12:00 pm Planetarium show #1- “Meteorites, Asteroids and Comets: shaping Earth”
  • 1:15 pm Live Animal Demonstration in the main Museum building
  • 2:00 pm Planetarium Show #2: “The Planets (narr. Kate Mulgrew)”
  • 3:00 pm Planetarium Show #3: “Stars: Life Cycle of the Cosmos” Plus Spring Stargazing

*For detailed information about the planetarium shows and the ‘3 o’clock Potluck’ policy, please see our listing on the Planetarium page

Weekly Events

Monday 11 am – Butterfly Talk
Join us in the Butterfly Garden at Calusa Nature Center for a fun, informative talk about butterflies! You will learn all about the butterfly life cycle, which species are native to Florida, and how we all can protect butterflies and their habitat. This talk is free with your paid admission.

Tuesday & Thursday 9 am – Tai Chi at CNCP
Join Keith and Lisa Banks to discover the four benefits of a tai chi practice: breathing, alignment of the body, strength training and increased flexibility. $8 for members, $10 for non-members

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 11 am & Monday, 2:45 pm – Alligator Talk
We love our alligators! Come visit with them up close and personal. (Okay, behind the gate!) Our animal care expert will share all about alligators: their habit, diet, why they are important to the ecosystem, and how to protect them. Admission to this talk is free with your entrance fee. Great experience for the whole family.

Wednesday & Friday, 2:45 pm – Eagle Talk
Come meet “Erica” Calusa Nature Center’s very own eagle! Our animal expert will share with you all sorts of interesting facts about eagles, like their habitat, dietary needs, and why they are a keystone species and important for the environment. Gaze into an eagle’s eye and connect with this amazing part of nature! This talk is free with your admission.

Every Friday, 11am – Solar Observing using the Coronado Solar Telescope Are there sunspots today? Prominences? A flare? Planetarium volunteers and/or staff will show you the Sun “live” as few people get to see it. Catch our narrow-band filter’s detailed view of the Sun live on the platform in front of the planetarium at 11 am on Fridays, weather permitting.

Sundays, 1:00-3:00pm Bluegrass Jam on the Porch
Sunday Bluegrass Jams on the Back Porch are back!  Now in our fifth year of jamming to toe-tapping bluegrass standards, ballads, and gospel tunes, our Bluegrass Jam plays something for everyone. The group is dedicated to playing bluegrass and sharing it with others. Bring your bluegrass instruments and your bluegrass tunes (or just your bluegrass heart, to listen) and come to the porch for the Sunday Bluegrass Jam organized (loosely) by local bluegrass musicians.


Special Events in March
Spring Camp: Life Cycles – March 15 & 18-22 9 am -4 pm

Spend your spring break outside at Calusa! This year’s spring break camp will focus on the life cycles of plants, animals, stars and more! To register visit $35 per day for members, $45 per day for non-members! 

March Laser Madness: March 29,30,31 + April 5,6,7

Our quarterly laser shows are back for Spring with a few new shows in the lineup as well as beloved shows like The Beatles and Pink Floyd’s The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon… Hypnotica… Electrolaze. Entrance yourself and your friends with music and laser lights under the planetarium dome (Pro hint: Bring a small pillow). Four different shows per night. Some repeats in case you have to miss the opening night for your favorite! Check our laser show page for the schedule and advance online ticketing by March 15th.

Meet the Meteorites: March 23 10 am – 4 pm

Discover our new NASA meteorite exhibits, attend talks by top experts, and enjoy space themed crafts and games for the whole family! Just pay general admission: $10 for adults and $5 for kids 3-12